intermountain gas continuous service agreement

Continuous Service Agreement

Intermountain Gas (IGC) Co.’s Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) program ?provides property owners and property management companies the ability to maintain constant, year-round utility service to a property without the worry of interruption if a tenant moves out.??The purpose of the program is to provide continuous service to property owners, however, it is not intended as a property management tool. The program does offer several advantages:

  • Allows ?IGC to place service into your name, without interruption, if we are advised the property is being vacated.? The agreement also allows the option to transfer service into your name in the event the tenant account is discontinued for nonpayment.
  • Automatic transferring of service.? This avoids the?natural gas service being shut off, thus eliminating the possibility of damage to your property, such as freeze-up during the winter months.
  • When energy service is reverted into your name, reconnection fees do not apply if a Continuous Service Agreement is in effect.
intermountain gas property portal

Property Portal

View details and request changes to your Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) online. Enroll today and manage your CSA through the Property Portal website. The following online tasks are available through the portal:

  • Sign up for a new Continuous Service Agreement
  • Add properties and/or start service for properties on your CSA
  • Remove Properties and/or stop service for designated properties
  • Determine if service at an address is in your name or a tenant’s name
  • Cancel your existing Continuous Service Agreement

Need assistance with enrollment? Call 800-548-3679.

The Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) program is a free service. There is no cost for the landlord or the tenant.

We strive to process these requests as quickly as possible.? If you provide us with an email address on the form, we will notify you by email when processing is complete.? Until the CSA is in effect, we encourage you to remain in contact with your tenant regarding occupancy of the property(ies) in question as it is possible that service can be interrupted.

The terms of the CSA stipulate that it will “continue in effect until cancelled by either party upon five (5) days prior written notice.” There is no renewal required.

Changes to the CSA must be made online. The following methods may be used to request a change:

Online at:?
Email to:?[email protected]?– all email communication must be sent from the email address provided to us by you on the CSA.