Whether building a deck or planting flowers, please follow the landscaping guidelines presented below for building or planting around your utilities.?


  • Leave at least 2’ clearance on the sides of your gas meter and 3’ of clearance in the front
  • Do not place items on or near meter
  • Cut back overgrowth to maintain clearances
  • Do not plant large shrubs or trees near or in front of the meter
  • Consider access to meters when planning construction or landscape projects
  • Do not enclose the meter in a deck, box, or other structure
  • Keep meters clear of snow and ice
  • Keep sources of ignition at least 3’ from all sides of the gas meter
  • When installing an RV concrete pad or extending your driveway, make sure the plastic sleeve is protecting the gas riser from the concrete.
intermountain gas pipeline marker

Pipeline Markers

  • Do not damage or remove pipeline markers
  • Cut back overgrowth to maintain visibility
utility markers

Locate Marks

  • Do not destroy, remove, cover, or alter paint/flag locate markings (unless excavation project has concluded)
  • Do not build structures (sheds, shops, garages, etc) or firepits over top of underground utilities (represented by locate marks)
  • Consider relocating your dig project if within several feet of locate marks, or carefully hand dig to avoid damaging underground utilities